1.  Admittance to the Post with valid membership card only.
2.  Non-members are guests of a sponsoring member and are the responsibility of the sponsoring member.  
    –  When the member leaves, the guests leave.

3.  No pets allowed in the Post home.

4.  No alcohol will be consumed during Post regular meetings in the meeting hall.

5.  Parents shall be responsible for their children’s conduct while on Post premises. 

    –  No children under 16 years of age are permitted after 8:00 pm, except for special events. 

    –  Children 16 years of age and over may remain in the Post during open hours when in the company of a parent. 

    –  Children must be supervised. 

    –  NO children in the Game Room.

6.  No games are to be played in the lounge.  Use the Game Room.

7.  Any person willfully damaging property shall be financially liable.

8.  No property of the Post shall be loaned or removed from the premises.

9.  No one is allowed behind the bar unless asked by the bar chairman or the bartender and only for the time requested.

10. Profanity or misconduct shall not be condoned and violators shall be subject to removal and loss of lounge privileges as set forth by the Executive Committee.

11. It is the responsibility of the membership to enforce the rules!!


By Order of the Executive Committee