Who's Who

2013 - 2014 Officers

Post                                          Auxiliary

Commander             Ed Grimley                         President                Carol Lockhart

1st Vice Cmdr         George Martin                    1st Vice Pres          Alicia Martin

2nd Vice Cmdr        Charlie Cowell                    2nd Vice Pres        Missy Kreamer

Adjutant                   Tom Gilman                       Secretary               Peggy Ahmay

Finance                    Dan Hoban                        Treasurer               Cathie Kline

Chaplain                                                            Chaplain                Ceal Curran

Historian                  Wesley Neal                      Historian                Tina Lay

Service                     Bob Cooke                       Sgt. at Arms          Paula Lee

Judge Advocate       Bob Bold                                                    

Sgt. at Arms             Bill Lee                              Executive Committee         

                                                                           Nannette Sturgess   

Executive Committee                                           Donna Kauffman    

Marianne Brown                                                 Laura Causey    

Keith Roch                                                                                   

Dave Spadaro                                                                              


Squadron                                                 Post Employees

Commander             Tony Harding                        Manager          Diane Francisco

1st Vice Cmdr          Mark Lay                             Bartenders       Carol

2nd Vice Cmdr        Dave Kauffman, Jr                                        Missy

Adjutant                                                                                       Michelle

Finance                    Bill Harding                                                   Mary

Chaplain                  Dennis Long                                                  Becky

Historian                  Rick Fink                                                      Kelly

Sgt. at Arms             Chris Owens                                                Stacy

Advisor                    Butch Trainum                                            



Never let an eligible Veteran be able to say: 

"Nobody ever asked me to join the American Legion."


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